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The 5 Worst Social Media Practices Brands Should Avoid + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, and today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

1The 5 Worst Social Media Practices Brands Should Avoid— Fast Company

Whether it's to avert a social debacle or maintain a growing following, three social media experts reveal some practices to avoid in this post.

2. Next Level Landing Page Optimization: Before and After the Conversion — Unbounce

Landing pages are only one element of a stellar, high-converting marketing campaign. If you’ve optimized your landing pages and you’re still not getting the results you wished for, maybe there are broken links elsewhere in your conversion chain. Unbounce has created a great guide to help you pinpoint where your conversion process is falling short.

3. 5 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Buy From You — HubSpot

In sales, it can be difficult to recognize the mistakes you’re making. Asking would-be customers for their comments rarely results in honest, helpful feedback on your sales approach. This post outlines 5 common reason prospects don't buy from salespeople.

4. Why We’re All in the Experience Business Now — Adobe

It used to be that only consumer brands thought about the "experience" of the customer or client. But in today's world of highly-customized everything, all buyers expect a high-quality experience. Marketers from every industry, every niche, and every corner of every company are now in the experience business. This post offers thoughts on developing and delivering meaningful experiences to your audience.

5. How to Grab C-Suite Attention With Relevant Content— Content Marketing Institute

To connect with busy executives, you need content that taps directly into the C-suite’s most pressing priorities and concerns. Get the topic right and you can sustain an ongoing conversation with your most valuable audience across all the communications channels where you engage them. This post shows you how.

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