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Do Salespeople Really Need a Personal Brand?

PersonalBrandIt seems the push for individuals to have a personal brand is becoming the new black. It’s the cool thing to do. The message is that everyone, including salespeople, need a brand just like a big company or a pop star. Who’s got time for that? Sure, becoming the expert, the blogger, the “thought leader” in your industry sounds like a great idea. But it also sounds like an insurmountable goal. So why bother?

Does everyone need to become a thought leader?

First, don’t let me discourage you. Many of you, let’s say 2 in 10, are already running down the Personal Brand path, and it won’t be long before you are a thought leader in your field. If you are not one of those swimming in social media enthusiasm, what can you do to compete?  

First, focus just on your LinkedIn profile. Here’s why:

  • You need a place for prospects to find you when they Google your name.
  • You need a place to send prospects to learn more about you when you ask for a meeting.
  • You need a place to connect online when you meet new prospects and business contacts.

When LinkedIn started in 2003, it was a novel place to post your resume to find a job. Today, it’s your online rolodex of business contacts and your free personal webpage. As a business professional, it’s essential you have a presence there.

Prospects are turning to LinkedIn as they research YOU.

Yes, salespeople need a personal brand. Prospects need a place to find out why they should call you back. A personal brand doesn't have to require endless hours on social media and aggressive online networking. It helps, but many of you just need to get started. How about now? Here’s a link to LinkedIn

And when you are ready to refine your personal brand as someone to be trusted & valued, we have plenty of blog posts on branding and even an online course to help you.


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