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Attract Great Candidates and Get More Mileage Out of Your Job Postings on Social Media (VIDEO)

In this video, Kim Alexandre, VP/Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy, shares tips to get more engagement and attract great candidates from your job postings on social media. 

Ways to Drive More Interest and Attract Great Candidates to Your Job Postings on Social Media

1. Inform Your Staff and Ask Team to Post

When a job is posted on a company or corporate website, inform the staff that there is a new posting and position available at your company. 

Instead of just asking your team to copy and paste to share the job post, take it a step further, and ask them if they might include some narrative, a few sentences, or a story, about why they love their job or working for your company. This is a great opportunity to showcase company culture and employee engagement, and it will pique the interest of more candidates if there is this personal touch included in the social media post from your team.

2. Remind Them to Share Publicly

When employees share, remind them to share it 'publicly' so it has the potential to reach more than just their friends or direct connections. This opens the door for others to have the ability to share your post in case they know someone that would be a great fit for the job, or if they just want to share because it looks like a great opportunity.

3. Share Hashtag Examples to Use with Posts

Consider the use of hashtags when asking your team to share the job opening on their social media platforms.  Hashtags that pique interest might be, #worklifebalance, #lovemyboss, and #bestjobever. If there are company hashtags that fit, these might also be good to include, but you want them to be genuine from the employee that's doing the post on their personal pages. Hashtags can help illustrate and explain the type of company (or person) you are to work for, and might also have a dedicated following of people who are in search of this or interested in it. 

4. Utilize Video

Video increases engagement and helps your message stand out. Encourage employees that are comfortable to record their narrative or personal company story in a video. This can pique interest from their social media connections more than just a text or image post would do. Like I note above, make sure videos are posted as public so it has the best opportunity to reach as many great candidates as possible. 

Utilize these four tips to attract more candidates and get more mileage from your job postings on social media when recruiting great candidates for your sales team.

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