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How Is Your Customer Satisfaction?

How_is_YOUR_customer_satisfactionMost of us can think of a few great customer experiences we’ve had… and maybe a few bad ones that range from totally frustrating to completely hilarious. But for a minute, don’t think of customer satisfaction from the customer’s point of view; think of it from the seller’s perspective.

Are you satisfied with your customers?

Do you invest way too much time for the ultimate revenue that account will generate?  

When you pick up the phone to call them or get in your car to head to that appointment with them... are you stressed, or excited?

Do they focus on the prices you offer… or the value you deliver?

In recent years, the sales landscape has become more competitive and disruptive than ever. Sometimes, that causes a seller to be grateful for any business they can grab. But it’s important to allocate some time to review your book of business, and make sure that some of those customers are not actually holding you back… by sapping the time and effort you should be spending on more productive accounts.

There are a couple of tools that can help you increase your customer satisfaction. When you’re prospecting, use the Ideal Customer Profile. When you are reviewing your list of existing customers, make sure you are filtering by accounts that make up the bulk of your revenue. Either way, you’re likely to end up more satisfied with the kind of customers you serve.

Get help understanding who can become one of your best customers! Download our Ideal Customer Profile.

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