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How to Write an Effective Personal Marketing Resume

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Recently I have had several managers asking about the value of a personal marketing resume for salespeople that are struggling with getting that initial call. Personal marketing resumes can be valuable in getting a prospect's attention and communicating how your salespeople can help, if done well. So, how do you get a personal marketing resume started, and what do effective ones include?

First, a personal marketing resume should be designed to grab the client’s attention and get your message across.

If it’s not interesting, they won’t read it. It’s really that simple. So the most important function of your personal marketing resume is a clear, concise idea of who you are and how you can help the client. Think of it as introducing you to the client. What do you want them to know? And what sets you apart from all of the other sales people that vie for their attention.

Second, make sure you message is clear and professional.

If it’s too complicated or obscure, your client will quit reading. You want a compelling headline that make your audience want to read more. And you want to appeal to a wide audience, so don’t make your message so detailed and specific that it only appeals to a few businesses or clients. Make sure you have a clean, easy to read format that is laid out so it’s easy for the client to read, and short enough that they don’t feel overwhelmed by it.

Third, you want to make it about them.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes. What are your main concerns? Probably, what’s in it for me if I meet with you? If I give you an appointment and take time out of my busy day, what will I gain? Are going to understand the challenges I face in my business on a daily basis and help me overcome those challenges? Think about your clients point of view as you are putting your Personal Marketing Resume together. What would grab your attention and make you want to set up an appointment?

Lastly, while you are selling yourself with your personal marketing resume, you don’t want to come across as a heavy handed self-promoter.

You might think about who your best clients are and see if they will give you a quote about how their business has improved by advertising with you. Let your client do the bragging for you! And it may sound silly, but make sure your contact information is clear, up to date, and easy to find. The best Personal Marketing Resume is useless if the client can’t reach you.

A personal marketing resume is a great tool for all salespeople, whether they love cold calling, or struggle a bit to make that initial contact. It helps to grab client interest and get your foot in the door. The rest is up to you!

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