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Tirzah Thornburg

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Professional Self Care—Why Leaders Need Recognition Too

Professional Self Care

Most of us have set goals to start and end this year strong. For many, this involves a vow to be better at self-care. I will…eat in a more healthful manner, exercise consistently, meditate, take yoga breaks, get massages, facials, pedicures… fill in the blank.

But it all boils down to better self-care. We have all been under increasing stress in the past four years, and psychologists are emphasizing self-care as a way to combat added stress.

What about professional self-care?

Right now, most coaches and leaders are looking blank and thinking, what is professional self-care? Professional self-care is about to become a hot button for you.

In order to coach and be present for your team in the best way possible, you need to take care of yourself. How?

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Nurturing a Positive Sales Leader-Salesperson Dynamic

Nurturing a Positive Sales Leader-Salesperson Dynamic

Think for a minute about the very best leader you ever had. Then, think about the worst.

Likely, you have definite feelings on both. How did you feel when you moved on from the job with that very best leader?

You probably had second thoughts and wondered if you could have made that position work for you despite changing circumstances.

What about that worst manager? You probably walked away without a backward glance, relieved to never see them again.

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How to Improve a Salesperson's Performance in Less Than 30 Minutes

11 of Salespeople Have Never Received Feedback Regarding Their Sales Talents

The good news: most of the sellers surveyed for the 5th Annual Media Sales Report knew what their sales talents were and how to put them to use.

The bad news: 11% reported that they had NEVER received feedback on their sales talents.

Think about it. Those 11% are at an automatic disadvantage. When projects come up, they may not know if those projects suit their talents. When reaching out to clients, they may not be aware of how to showcase their strengths. And when possible promotions are offered, they may not know if this would be a smart career move based on their talents.

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Distinguishing Between Coaching and Managing (And Why It Matters)

Distinguishing Between Coaching and Managing

Depending on the organization, the person leading a sales team may be called a manager, a leader, or a coach.

For many people leading a team and for their team members, the name doesn’t matter because the job description is the same. They are the person responsible for guiding their team toward hitting their sales goals.

But the difference between managing and coaching has become a hot-button issue. Why? Because Gen Z cares, and they are set to become the dominant group in the work force by 2025.

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Where is Your Talent? The Newest Trends and Tools to Find Top Talent

Where is Your Talent

Across markets and industries, one consistent hiring theme. It’s hard to find strong candidates. Big cities, rural communities, and everyone in between are struggling to find talented candidates or, sometimes, any candidates at all.

We know the talent is out there. But where? Where can you find your next great seller?

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The Team Equation: Looking at Current Team Strengths to Guide New Hire Decisions

Looking at Current Team Strengths to Guide New Hire Decisions

A spot opens up on the sales team and the hiring manager needs to fill it. Fast. They look over their talent bank, find a few candidates, look over their Sales Talent Assessments, and decide who has the sales talents they need.

One is available.


That’s it but for the onboarding, right? Unfortunately, no. Finding new talent for a sales team involves more than just finding a talented person who wants the job. It’s also critically important to find talent that will fit on the team.

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Secrets to Retaining Gen Z Employees

Secrets to Retaining Gen Z Employees

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, Gen Z will account for one-third of the workforce.

As a group, they are the most technologically savvy ever to hit the workforce. Many have definite opinions on what they expect from their companies and managers and are not afraid to express those opinions.

They have specific expectations of what their work life will look like, and unlike other generations, they are not afraid to hop to a new job or quit even if they don’t have another job lined up. In fact, according to ResumeLab, 83% of Gen Z employees consider themselves job hoppers, and 75% would leave a job even if they didn’t have another one waiting.

Undoubtedly, the newest generation to hit the workforce has a lot to offer your organization, so what are the secrets to retaining your Gen Z workforce?

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Identifying and Addressing Common Reasons for Sales Talent Attrition

Identifying and Addressing Common Reasons for Sales Talent Attrition

You did it! You finally built a great sales team! They are destroying their budgets, the team challenges each other but gets along beautifully and they are a delight to manage. And then… someone quits. Maybe more than one. What happened?!

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 31, 2023, there were 9.8 million job openings across industries, and the number of people voluntarily quitting their jobs rose to 4 million.

In April 2023, LinkedIn reported a shocking 61% of American workers are considering leaving their jobs in 2023. This number is especially high among the younger generations, Millennials (66%) and Gen Z (72%).

Perhaps worse from a management standpoint, top sellers are being headhunted more than ever. One top seller I know said it was a bad week if they got less than three job offers. Competition for talent is fierce since the talent pool over the last few years has not fully recovered from COVID and “the Great Resignation.”

With those terrifying statistics in mind, let’s discuss ways to keep your top talent happy and wanting to be long-term employees.

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Navigating Virtual Recruitment

Navigating Remote Recruitment

A few years ago, the idea of hiring a candidate without an in-person meeting seemed ridiculous. Since hiring the right person is vital to a team's success, the idea of not being in the same room, shaking hands, and making an in-person connection was, at best, a last resort and, at worst, unthinkable.

But whether you embraced video conferencing or were dragged into it kicking and screaming, over the last three years we have developed the technology, know-how, and experience to conduct most interactions online. Here are some ways to get the most out of your recruitment.

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5 Tips for Sales Management Success

5 Tips for Sales Management Success

Sales management is a tough job.

I googled why sales managers fail and got “About 206,000,000 results (0.40 seconds).” “About 60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months in their new role”, according to research from CEB Global.


There are a lot of reasons (just ask Google), but it often comes down to not knowing how to manage people effectively and not being able to implement changes and improve the selling process.

Simply put, to be successful as a sales manager, you must understand people and how to help people sell.

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