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Increase Your Closing Ratio by Adding This to Your Proposal

increase closing ratio by adding this to your proposalMost proposals follow a pattern of reviewing a customer need or desired business result and then presenting the solution that will deliver the desired result. I agree with that approach, but you will increase your closing ratio if you add a section in between those two. That section? Measures of Success. 

The sequence looks like this:

  1. Desired Business Result
  2. Measures of Success
  3. Tailored Solution

I recommend 2-4 measures of success in your proposal. Present this right after you state what business result your solution is focused on helping with, so your prospect knows you are serious about measuring and producing results. Prospects are more likely to buy when they are convinced you are focused on their success.

A closer look at these three key sections of your proposal:

Desired Business Result:  State clearly and succinctly the desired business result you and the prospect have agreed to focus on.

Measures of Success:  List 2-4 ways you and the prospect have agreed you will measure success.

Tailored Solution:  Present the solution, connecting it to the measures of success.

Try adding measures of success to your proposals, observe the confidence it creates in your prospects, and watch your closing ratio go up.

These are not the only three sections in a proposal, but they are the essential pieces. You can click to view a copy of our suggested proposal template here.

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