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Is Your Hunger Greater Than Your Fear?


If you are in sales, you have to learn to effectively battle your fears. Fear of a big client leaving. Fear of a big deal falling through. Fear of your company making a change. Fear of the marketplace changing. Fear of the new boss.  

You have two choices in this daily battle. You can give in to the fear and let it consume you, or you can allow your hunger to override your fear. Hunger for learning. Hunger for helping clients. Hunger for connecting with a hot new prospect. Hunger for the personal growth that comes when you overcome challenges. Hunger.

One way to feed this hunger is to keep score in the areas that help you strive for more. Celebrate when you connect with a new prospect. Take time to celebrate every renewal. Lean in to opportunities that help you learn. Look for ways to run up the score in these areas.  

Hunger for greatness.

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