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6 Fundamentals of Using Twitter

There's great information in all corners of the internet. What did you read?

Here's what piqued our interest this week:

1. The Six Fundamentals of Using Twitter {From Bryan Kramer}

This was an interesting read because it covered simple, but smart ways to use Twitter (and reminded us of our online course to help you build your personal brand and connect with decsion makers, Brand & Connect).

2. IKEA Catalog Tells Us About Their New App {From FortafyDaily}

Their new app is easily expandable to 15x8 inches, and is voice activated.

3. 10 Ways to Pursue Excellence Without Negativity {From Leadership Freak}

It’s lazy, ignorant, and offensive to point out problems, failures, or shortcomings, without committing to make things better. Define better, and always ask how we can make things better.

4. There's a New Step in the Path to Purchase {From The Marketing Mind}

Generous return policies mean the purchase isn't complete until the buyer takes off the tags.

5. You Don't Have to Sacrifice Quality in Exchange for a Minimum Viable Product {From The Lean Startup}

Minimum viable products are but a step on the way toward excellence, says the Lean Startup. Ship things as soon as possible. Excellence can come later.

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