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Lewis Carroll's Thoughts On Digital Communication

digital-communicationThis was another great week of stories told on the internet.

Here's what piqued our interest this week:

1. Lewis Carroll's Thoughts on Digital Communication {From Brain Pickings}

Okay, so Lewis Carroll didn't have anything to say about email, but you can extrapolate his rules on letter writing to the 21st Century. Most bad writing comes from writing too quickly, when you want to write something that might hurt someone's feelings, write it, then set it aside, and respond to a severe remark with something distinctly positive.

2. The Best Super Bowl Ads to Watch Before Sunday {From HubSpot}

Get a leg up on your friends and watch previews for ads that are top secret until the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is funny -- we skip ads as often as we can except this one time of year, when we watch ad previews.

3. How to Determine What the Consumer Wants {From Strategy+Business}

It's hard to innovate when you're selling goods that people buy at the grocery store. But there is a way to figure out what the consumers want next. It's just not easy.

4. Digital Growth Through Mobile Channels {From The Marketing Mind}

Mobile devices are the computer of choice for most consumers, and it's increasingly important to develop a web strategy around mobile users. That means more than simply having a responsive version of your website.

5. Customer Service is Still Driving Consumers Away {From Marketing Charts}

More than half the people surved last year switched some sort of provider in order to opt out of bad service. It's a good reminder that even as things continue to evolve digitally, there's no substitution for excellence in customer service.

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