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Magic Needs Analysis Questions


Like buried treasure, salespeople have been looking for a short list of magic needs analysis questions forever. So where is that list, and what are the questions on it? Not sure where the list is, but here is an insight into which questions can really get the prospect talking and revealing the trouble or growth opportunities that you might be able to address: Ask questions early on that are relevant to their unique situation today. You can build these questions easily with just a little research. For example… 

  • You saw the information I sent over about how many car dealerships are moving a big part of their F+I process online. I see from your site that you offer prospects a chance to not only prequalify for financing, but also to choose other options and features to protect their investment. How has that changed the dealership experience for customers?
  • I see you have introduced two new product lines in the last 60 days. That’s a pretty aggressive schedule. How is the roll out going so far?
  • I read several stories about your expansion into the DYI market for plumbing repair. That’s an interesting move for a company like yours, and I am curious what prompted you to look at this area.
  • I talked to several of your store managers, and I'm hearing you're doing some things at retail to blunt the “Amazon Effect.” That is encouraging, and I am curious to hear about some of your successes.

What makes these questions magical?  A number of things:

  1. Right away it’s apparent you've done your homework.
  2. Because you are a salesperson, the prospect is expecting a product pitch, but you've refocused the conversation on their business upfront.
  3. You're asking the prospect to share a few successes, which gets them comfortable and talking.
  4. This demonstrates you might actually care about their business and not just yours.
  5. It sets you apart from all the other product peddlers they encounter.

It’s magic. What really makes a needs analysis question magical is that it is relevant to the prospect’s situation today. Simple.

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