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Management Secret: You Can Change the Behaviors of Others by Simply Changing Your Own

sales management secret - change behaviors of teamWouldn't it be great if you could snap your fingers and change the behaviors of those you manage? Well... maybe... but you can't. Since you can’t directly change the behaviors of others, it is vital that you concentrate on changing your own behaviors. This will make the biggest difference in your relationships with others and will help propel them to success. 

This isn’t some top-secret tip that we've been hiding all this time, but it is an important one to keep at the forefront as you move into a new year and evaluate your management style. Think about this, "Are you conscious of your own behavior and how it's perceived by those you manage?"

All too often, we get stuck in a routine of tasks and addressing “fires” all around. A manager’s job is multi-dimensional, pulling you in many directions, but how do you react in situations? Are you ultra-focused on what is in front of you and missing how others perceive you or your actions? 

Can you relate to the following? 

No doubt you answered “yes” to many of the above. Now ask yourself, do others see these areas as a strength in you? Do you behave in a way that allows your natural talents to shine? Are you sure?  

If you knew how others perceived you, would you change your behaviors? This is important to think about because how you behave influences those around you.   

Often, we are so caught up in our own world that we assume that those around us know we care about them, or that we enjoy training them, or that we look forward to going in-field with them. But do they really see this in you?  

When you take time to truly understand your natural talents and how to develop and cultivate them, it leads to your growth, which leads to the growth in others around you.  By simply changing your behaviors, those around you will naturally grow as well. It all starts with you.  

6 Stages of Behavior Change

According to an article on verywellmind.com, there are six stages of behavior change. In order, these stages are:  

  1. Pre-contemplation – In this stage, you may find yourself in “denial” of your behavior or even claim it isn’t really an issue to those around you. 

  2. Contemplation – During this stage, you may be more aware of your behavior, yet feel you may have to give up something rather than gain from the change. It may cause you to hesitate to make changes to your behavior.  

  3. Preparation – In this stage, you may begin making small changes to your behavior, but nothing radical enough for others to actually notice the changes.

  4. Action – This important stage is where you begin to accomplish your change in behavior goals. It is very important to evaluate your progress. Others will begin to take notice of your personal growth during this stage.

  5. Maintenance – Yes, you will still need to be conscious of behavioral changes. Just like a diet change, you need to be aware of old habits and continue to replace those habits with positive ones.  

  6. Relapse – It happens! Don’t bog yourself down thinking you failed! Set aside time to evaluate what triggered your behavioral relapse. If you are conscious of this behavior, you can reset your plans to change moving forward.  

In what behavior stage do you find yourself? Is it time for you to concentrate on your natural talents - areas where you shine - and make sure others are taking notice? 

Get Started

Begin by setting aside important self-development time. Evaluate your behaviors, both good and bad. Note whether others see your behaviors. You may even ask those around you to share their insight on your behaviors. Make this a mandatory part of your self-development.   

Because we can’t directly change the behaviors of others, it is vital that you concentrate on changing your own behaviors to influence change in others. This will make the biggest difference in your relationships with others and will help propel them to success.  

Remember the secret, because the growth of those you manage depends on it. Changing the behaviors of others can happen by simply changing your own.  

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