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One Hot Tip to Connect with Target Accounts (VIDEO)


Need some help connecting with target accounts when prospecting? Do you know the decision maker you need to connect with at a company, but don't have their email address? Have no fear. Trey is here... to share a hot tip that he uses regularly to connect with target accounts. 

If you're looking to connect with decision makers at a target account, but you don't know their contact information, follow these steps in this tip Trey shares above in his video.

How To Connect With Target Accounts When You Don't Have Their Email Address

  1. Visit Hunter.io
  2. Type in URL of the company you are targeting
  3. Hunter.io will generate every verified email address of contacts at that company
  • If the contact's email you were looking for is generated, then BOOM! You've got their email, and now you can send your introductory email. 
  • If your contact's email is not there, you now have the pattern for how the company's email system works — for example, first initial + last name @company.com, or something like that. 

So, if you're ready to target new prospects, take a quick minute and check out this fantastic tool to find the contact information for the decision makers you need to connect with. 

Don't let the train stop there. Now that you've got their contact information, ensure you have a strategic email plan so that work does not go wasted, and use a winning approach for writing a cold email to increase your chance of response from the decision maker at the target account. 

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