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Outbound Marketing + Inbound Marketing = Simply Genius!

Outbound_Marketing_Inbound_Marketing_GeniusFor several years The Center for Sales Strategy has been saying that the combination of outbound marketing plus inbound marketing is the exact sweet spot where marketers can earn the greatest results. This is a reality because it's how the consumer wants it, and when it comes to achieving results that's what matters most. 

It happens all the time when you hear or see a commercial message; it sparks an interest or a thought or an idea and while you might not be ready to be a customer at that exact moment, you are interested enough to want a little more information. So what do you do?  Nowadays most people take out their phone and google it! Or if there is a memorable (vanity) URL they might even go directly there. And if the marketer has done their job correctly, when the consumer arrives to the site, it will be the perfect landing page optimized with responsive design and presenting the exact information the consumer is looking for. 

What happens next?

Because the consumer is interested in the offer (or call to action) on that page, they fill out a simple form in exchange for this download… which is exactly what they wanted to know more information about and therefore they’re happy! They’re happy with the exchange, with the content delivered to them, and with the entire process. Plus, the marketer has a new lead and can strategically market to this person, so they’re happy too. It’s a win-win.

Our Clients and Their Results

At The Center for Sales Strategy we are fortunate to have as clients some of the smartest minds in the media business. Our client in Phoenix, the Bonneville Radio group, recently started adding inbound marketing paired with outbound marketing to their assets and the results are very strong. This week our partner Hubspot (The Center for Sales Strategy is a Gold Partner of Hubspot) published a guest post on their blog written by Jim Knapp the VP of Business Development for Bonneville Phoenix. He shares the success of this venture and how he makes it work for their clients. 

This is an excellent blog post and one worth taking the time to read. Click here to read.

After you have read this article, we’d love to hear your thoughts and provide you with more information on how your business can put a similar plan in place. 

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