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Persistence Pays Off: 3 Ways to Secure New Business Appointments

Persistence Pays Off

Securing new business appointments is crucial for success in sales.

These days, it's quite challenging to get new business appointments. This difficulty is a key reason why many salespeople struggle and why sales organizations often miss their goals.

Research in sales indicates it typically takes eight attempts to reach a prospect. However, 92% of salespeople give up after just four tries. This explains why many are struggling to secure more appointments.

To excel in sales, it's essential to blend persistence with a clear purpose to secure new appointments. Here are three effective strategies.

1. Understanding the Prospect's Perspective

Start by genuinely understanding your prospect. This involves more than promoting your product; it's about grasping their challenges, goals, and industry specifics. When you align your approach with their needs, your persistence shifts from being pushy to being helpful. Utilize tools like LinkedIn to research and understand their issues, then tailor your communication to these concerns.

2. The Art of Cadence

Persistence doesn't mean overwhelming your prospect with constant contact. It's about meaningful engagement. Mix up your follow-ups with emails, calls, and social media, balancing frequency and relevance. Personalize each interaction by referencing past conversations or offering new insights. Always focus on how you can address their challenges or goals.

Persistent with a Purpose

3. Leveraging Technology for Persistence

Technology, like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, can significantly aid your persistence. These tools keep track of interactions and help schedule follow-ups. Automated reminders and email tracking provide insights into the best contact times. Use these technologies to stay organized and make your persistence effective.

BONUS: Learn from Rejections

Every rejection is a step closer to success. They're not just setbacks but learning opportunities. Maybe your timing was off, or your offer didn't resonate. Use these experiences to refine your approach, and always seek feedback to improve.

Don't Give Up

Securing a new business appointment requires persistence. By understanding your prospects, following up effectively, using technology, and learning from rejections, you can make persistence a powerful tool in your sales arsenal.

Remember, the key is consistent persistence (at least eight attempts) while showing that your aim is to help them solve their problems or achieve their goals.

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