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16 SPOOKY Things Sales Managers (and Their Team) Should Avoid

spooky things sales teams should avoidIt's easy for sales teams to get busy, get into a rhythm, or to get on a roll, and just do things the way you've been doing them. Sales managers can wear a lot of hats, and it can be easy when things are working to just keep them going the way they are going. Hey... nothing's wrong, right? Wrong. 

Ensure you and your team avoid these SPOOKY things to ensure everyone is effectively utilizing their time and efficiently managing their prospects and accounts. 

FrighteningThings Your Salespeople Should Avoid 

Use these tips when coaching your sales team

  1. Hanging on to prospects who take too long to make a decision. Move on and find another qualified prospect. -- Dean, Director, Client Solutions

  2. Focusing on every prospect. Use a target business profile, and spend the time up front to determine which prospects are most worthy of your time, energy, and resources. -- Alina, VP/Senior Consultant
  3. Proposing a solution before understanding the desired business result needed. -- Matt, Managing Partner

  4. Not having clear measures of success of a campaign before presenting. -- Stephanie, VP/Senior Consultant
  5. Making proposals that don't sell themselves if you are not around. They need to be a complete narrative of the sales process. More and more buying decisions are being made by committee. -- Craig, Senior Consultant
  6. The illusive “We’ll get back to you,” after you present a proposal. -- Kim, VP/Senior Consultant

  7. Giving up - don't be afraid of being a "stalker."  It takes 7-9 attempts before a prospect often responds to your calls or emails. -- Trey, Senior Consultant

  8. Rushing the close. -- Stephanie, VP/Senior Consultant

Scary Things Sales Managers Should Avoid 

  1. Treating all their sellers the same. -- Kurt, VP/Senior Consultant

  2. Expecting consistent results from their salespeople without providing consistent feedback on their efforts. --Beth, VP/Talent Services

  3. Managing all your salespeople the same way. If you are, then you aren't doing it right. They are all different people with unique talents and needs. You need a custom management plan for each of them. -- Craig, Senior Consultant

  4. Not having a strong talent bank. -- Stephanie, VP/Senior Consultant

  5. Being aloof. It's an urban legend that sales managers should never get close to their salespeople. Getting close to your salespeople is not spooky. It's a treat! -- Trey, Senior Consultant

  6. Not being in-field for true coaching and development opportunities. -- Stephanie, VP/Senior Consultant

  7. Hiring the wrong person and not holding out for the right talents. -- Mindy, Senior Talent Analyst

  8. Hanging on to non-performers too long… it’s not fair to them, the team, or your business.  Better to let them find a better path for their career while you pull in someone who has all the right talents for excellence. -- Beth, VP/Talent Services

Ready to improve your sales performance? Avoid these scary things and ensure your team doesn't spook a prospect with these tips for sellers!

Let the ghoul (good) times roll, and have a boo-tiful Halloween! Now, a haunting (selling) you will go! 

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