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Talent Banks Really Work!


Given how busy Sales Managers are, sometimes recruiting candidates and developing a Talent Bank seems like one thing too many. Many managers we talk to are so swamped with daily tasks that the idea of recruiting and interviewing people for a job opening that doesn’t exist yet seems like a complete waste of time. But the question is, does it feel like a waste of time when you have an unexpected opening?

The Value of the Talent Bank

I was chatting with one of our managers last week about a VERY talented Account Executive that she had just hired. This person's Sales Talent Interview graph was gorgeous. I told her that, while I hadn’t interviewed him, I was excited to give feedback on his talents because they were just so strong. And she told me that she had been very excited to see his graph as well. You see, they had an AE decide to leave the station suddenly—and before this manager had time to process it, one of the other managers gave her this graph out of his, wait for it, Talent Bank. A previous manager had seen the potential in this candidate, screened and interviewed him, and maintained contact with him. So when they had a sudden opening, instead of scrambling madly to interview and hire someone to take over the accounts, they were able to seamlessly bring in this talented AE within a week of learning about the opening on their team.  

Recruitment Never Stops

So what's so important about Recruitment and Selection? Recruitment never stops, its ongoing. Any time you hear of a strong salesperson, whether in your market or outside of it, make a note of the person's name and contact info. Look him or her up on LinkedIn. And if you like what you see, make contact, chat and when you can, have a screener done with the person. If the individual is a strong candidate, order a Sales Talent Interview so you have all of the person's talents at your fingertips. And keep in contact! Periodically, send an email asking potential candidates are doing, how their careers are progressing. Develop that relationship. When you have an opening, then it's time for Selection. Look at your Talent Bank, pull up screeners and Sales Talent Interview graphs, and see who you have that fits your current job opening. Having a Talent Bank gives you options. When you find the right candidate, reach out and see what it would take to bring onto your team. 

Being able to choose from a bank of candidates, looking for just the right person for the job, rather than madly scrambling to find a warm body to fill a seat, is the difference between a well-thought-out decision and a decision you may come to regret. Yes, developing a Talent Bank is work, but its well worth it in the end.

Talent is only a strength when the fit is right.