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The Best Way to Sell Change to Management


In business, change is necessary to adapt and grow to meet the needs of prospects and clients. Many companies and business executives tend to resist change - because change is hard and uncomfortable.

As a salesperson, you probably have some good ideas to help your company achieve its goals. Maybe you want to implement inbound marketing or add webinars or videos to your marketing mix. But how can you sell your ideas to management?

Proposing your change can be a daunting task, and rightfully so—only 54% of change initiatives succeed. To increase the chances of your idea for change to be successful, use an organized change management system.

Understanding What It Will Take to Sell Change

Resistance to change is generally due to one (or more) of three issues: management isn’t aware of the situation, they don’t feel the change is necessary, or there isn’t proper funding for the change.

In order to get results, the appropriate tactics need to be used for each specific case under which this change initiative falls.

Sales Leaders Challenge: How to Effectively Manage Change

If Management is Unaware

If upper-level management is removed from the day-to-day issues your department sees clearly, you’ll need to paint a clear picture of exactly what the problem is and the effects the problem is creating.

  • Have the quality of your leads gone down?
  • Are you having trouble reaching your audience, resulting in few site visitors? What exactly does the problem look like?

If Management Doesn’t See the Need

Once you’ve painted a picture of the problem, if management still doesn’t see the need for change, connect the problem with the bottom line. Show what your proposed change would mean to revenue or profits. Use real statistical information. The more the numbers speak, the more it will help.

If There’s No Funding For Change

Start by demonstrating the financial value of your proposed change. If you can show that your change will pay for itself and generate ROI to boot, you’ll find your idea much easier to sell.

Additionally, look around at ways to reduce costs. You could eliminate or reduce the costs of other tactics that are no longer as effective.


Selling change to management can be daunting, but it is essential for any organization looking to stay ahead of the curve.

The best way to sell change to management is to present a clear and compelling case that outlines the benefits of the proposed change and addresses any concerns or objections that management may have.

Effective communication, collaboration, and a focus on the long-term vision are key to successfully selling change to management. By adopting a strategic approach and emphasizing the positive outcomes of change, organizations can build a culture of innovation and drive continued growth and success.

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*Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in 2016 and has since been updated.

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