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Three Ways to Test Your B2B Brand’s North Star


When you look up in the night sky, there are millions of stars. So many that it’s sometimes hard to find even the easiest constellations. But one star everyone knows is the North Star. Why is that? It's different in a few signficant ways.

When your clients and prospects look out at all the business people who would like some of their time (and ultimately some of their money), we all look like those stars in the sky. There are just too many to make sense of it all.

So whether you're building a B2B brand for your company or for your personal brand, let’s look at how your brand should be like the North Star to stand out: 

1. Your brand should be a fixed point in the market.

Night after night, year after year, the North Star is a fixed point you can count on. Sure, 2,000 years ago there was a different North Star, but you can get the same effect in the market by keeping your brand consistent from campaign to campaign, social media to social media, and product release to product release.

2. All of your other products and messages should point to your North Star.

One reason you can easily find the North Star is that other stars in the sky, like the Little Dipper, point to the North Star. What about all of your other products, services, and media messages? Are they pointing to one main message that the market can count on?

3. There’s only one North Star. 

There are millions of stars in the sky, and many of them are arranged into recognizable constellations, but there is only one North Star. So goes your products and marketing. You will have many products, and many campaigns in the life of your business or sales career, but there is always just one North Star for your B2B brand.

This is never as easy as it sounds. Our company has grown to serve B2B sales organizations for over 30 years. And we’ve added many additional “stars” to our portfolio, but “Sales Strategy” has remained the North Star of our B2B brand. 

What’s your brand’s North Star?

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