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Weekly Roundup: 4 Things That Are Keeping You From Hiring the Best Talent + More

sales meetingWe hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, and today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

4 Things That Are Keeping You From Hiring the Best Talent   Entrepreneur

If you want the right people for your team, stop going about the hiring process in these wrong ways. Matt Sunshine, managing partner for The Center for Sales Strategy, contributes to this article, emphasizing that the best interview questions aren’t about getting the most interesting answers. They’re about getting the best glimpse into the candidates’ thought process, such as by asking uncomfortable questions that force them out of their comfort zone. Business leaders well know that their company’s success relies on recruiting and retaining the best employees. To attract the right candidates, begin by avoiding these four hiring missteps.

21 Sales Qualification Questions to Identify Prospects Worth Pursuing — Hubspot

Not every lead is a good fit for a product or service -- no matter how strongly a salesperson believes they are (or wants them to be). Buyers don't buy just because they have a serious need, a looming deadline, or money to burn. They buy because of a combination of all of these factors, and more. While the specific sales questions a rep asks will depend on the product or service they sell, here are 18 solid conversation starters that can help you recognize who's a successful customer in the making, and who's barking up the wrong tree.

4 Transformational Things LeBron James Teaches Us About Leadership And Teamwork — Forbes

LeBron constantly refers to taking care of his body and his mind. While most believe that his pure athleticism and size (6 ft., 8 inches; 280 pounds) is his differentiator, it’s actually what he has done to fuel his mind that has defined his real competitive advantage. It has become equally important to be mentally and physically prepared to be a great leader. Patience and reinvention are crucial to your short and long-term leadership success.

Want to Recruit and Retain the Very Best People? Here's How — Inc.

Is it better to have hired a quality employee and lost them, or never to have hired at all? As enticing as it may be to think about how to answer this question, it may be more productive for you to focus on something else: making sure you hire and keep your star employees. A lot goes into hiring quality workers, and more goes into making sure you don't let them get away.

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