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Weekly Roundup: Effectively Employing Sales Enablement + More

effectively employing sales enablement






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The 4 Components of Effectively Employing Sales Enablement — LeadG2

Sales enablement is quite the buzzword these days, but for good reason. When done effectively, it can have last impacts on a sales organization. It can shorten the sales cycle and strengthen the entire sales process. Sales enablement has the ability to increase conversion rates and drive new revenue while simultaneously saving your salespeople precious time. >>> READ MORE

Why Your Reps Overestimate Sales Forecasts (And How to Prevent it) — Sales Hacker

"Every day, AEs wake up to live and die by their quota. They only hit their OTE if they meet the quota. They constantly eyeball their name and position on the leaderboard. They pray for the day you call out their good results in an email or meeting. They fear being put on a performance plan when a deal falls through last minute.

All that stress and fear can be taxing, and make it hard for even (or especially) the best reps to accurately predict their future performance. That’s why you can’t set a forecast based entirely on the word of your sales team." >>> READ MORE 

Turning Sales Pipeline Growth Into a Reality — LinkedIn Sales Blog

As salespeople, it’d be nice if readymade buyers were marching out of the cornfield, but as we all know, nurturing sales pipeline growth is not quite so simple. You can’t just build a solid B2B sales strategy and then expect the prospects to pile up. We must stay forever proactive in order to maintain consistent opportunities and conversions. To ensure you’re covering all of your bases, let’s see what experts around the web are recommending on this front. >>> READ MORE

Two Leadership Practices For Tapping The Best Of Your Multigenerational Team — Forbes

Diversity, when capitalized on, gives teams a big leg up. It provides a mix of perspectives and experience that generates energy and better ways of doing things—most simply put, a higher level of performance. Fortunately, it is not uncommon to find diversity within teams these days, as more and more people are working alongside team members who represent two, if not three, generations different from their own. But this enriching ingredient can also present challenges. >>> READ MORE 


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