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Weekly Roundup: Great Visionaries, Signs You're a High Achiever + More

Visionary Leaders, Signs youre a high achiever


"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

- Warren Buffet


<< If you only read one thing >>

Great Visionaries Use Decade Thinking To Achieve Great Success — And You Can Too Forbes

Decade thinking can be a game-changer for your life and your business.

A new decade just began. How much time did you give to pondering the decade ahead? Are we better or worse off for not pausing to ponder the new decade and all its possibilities? I'd say considerably worse off.

Here’s why: The period of time we think most about has an enormous impact on our lives. >>> READ MORE

7 Signs You’re Probably a High Achiever Big Self School

High achievers are people willing to go the extra mile to make things happen.

They do it both for the sake of helping others — and to feel proud of themselves. Always striving for the next big thing is how they find meaning.

Would you call yourself a high achiever? And what’s the point of labeling yourself in this way?

Knowing you’re a high achiever may help you pinpoint your strengths and leverage them. At the same time, it can show you what you’ve been overlooking and make you pay more attention to those areas of life you neglected so far.

But first, what does a high achiever look like? >>> READ MORE

You’re Not JUST an SDR: Step by Step Guide to Fill in Pipeline Predictable Revenue

Nadja Komnenic is the Head of Business Development at Lemlist — the email automation and cold outreach platform that is currently taking the sales world by storm.

Aside from being a LinkedIn thought leader and managing a large and highly successful sales team, Nadja has recently started a YouTube channel documenting her efforts to expand Lemlist’s outbound sales into the US market. She joined the Predictable Revenue team to explain how to build beneficial relationships, lead with value, and use combo prospecting to generate more pipeline.

“So what we’re going to cover today,” explains Nadja, “is the mindset that SDRs need to develop in order to build fruitful relationships and become the best asset for their company that they can.” >>> READ MORE

Overcoming Common Workplace Miscommunication Up Your Culture

As our lives at work have become busier, faster-paced, and to some extent disconnected, the opportunity for miscommunication and misunderstanding has increased.

When we aren’t on the same page as our co-workers, the negative impact can have far-reaching consequences. Morale and productivity can decrease as employees focus on the wrong areas and even become disengaged. The result is that you and your team can miss the mark and fall short of your mission and goals. However, if we lean into what people are really saying and consider the how and what of our communication, we can overcome the challenges and ensure an open and trusting workplace. >>>READ MORE

How Differentiated Company Values Can Delight and Attract Top Talent Lever

In my work as a Culture Doctor, I do a lot of projects where we’re looking to unearth the “true core values” of an organization. I ask questions like, “Why might an organization engage in such work?, Why look deep within and find out what the team thinks are your unique differentiators?” Well, the reasons for engaging in this work are many, ranging from the philosophical to the practical. 

The first client who had me do a project had a very pragmatic reason; they had a lot of hiring to do and they wanted to get their story straight. They’d previously tried a surface level survey to find out what made them special, but that just yielded some cliche sound bites around “we’re like a family” and “work hard, play hard,” which didn’t paint a very clear picture—and, besides, there are a lot of dysfunctional families out there!  >>>READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Results From Blogging Efforts? LeadG2

You put your heart into your first blog post for your company site. You conducted hours upon hours of research and fine-tuned it down to the last character.

But the leads aren't rolling in as you expected.

Feeling disheartened at this stage is entirely understandable, but you shouldn't give up. If you've ever asked yourself in frustration how long for your blog to show up in Google or even how long it takes to get organic traffic, you're not alone.

Many people believe that when you post a blog, traffic starts flowing immediately. The truth is, blogging is a long-term strategy and doesn't always provide immediate gratification.

Keep reading to learn how it works, to get faster results, and its benefits. >>>READ MORE

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