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Weekly Roundup: How a Multi-Channel Approach to Prospecting Influenced 73% of our Sales Pipeline + More







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How a Multi-Channel Approach to Prospecting Influenced 73% of our Sales Pipeline — Hubspot

These days, there's a lot of talk about influencing sales through social media or "social selling." However, I firmly believe you must measure what's effective in order to be successful. This post looks at how a podcast I developed has helped our company significantly influence the sales pipeline. It also explores how social media fits into a true multi-channel approach. >>> READ MORE

We Asked 10 Sales Influencers about How Sales Technology is Changing the Buying Process — LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s most recent State of Sales Report, a global survey of thousands of salespeople and decision makers, reinforces the idea that sales technology is transforming the sales process. The U.S. version of the State of Sales Report found that 73 percent of sales professionals are using technology to close more deals. And almost all respondents (97 percent) said that sales tech is either important or very important to closing deals.

To gain further insight into the future of sales technology and how it will continue to transform the buying and selling process, we asked sales influencers this question: “How do you anticipate sales tech will change (and change the sales process) over the next five years?” 

Critical Skills and Habits You Need to Succeed in the AI Era — SellingPower

To succeed in the 1950s, salespeople needed a handful of critical skills: connecting with potential customers, listening to their needs, and forming a strong relationship based on trust. Then came the 1980s and 1990s, and things changed. Suddenly, salespeople needed to learn how to crunch numbers and work with CRM systems. Administrative skills became a core part of their job. They became documenters and technologists in addition to relationship builders.

Now, we’re entering the AI era, and everyone is quaking in their boots that their job might be overtaken by an AI entity. We’re not nervous, because we view this new era differently. We welcome it. We even celebrate it. >>> READ MORE 

Increase Lead Conversions With This Quick CTA Tip  — LeadG2

While working with a client recently, we noticed that they were seeing high numbers of traffic to their blog posts but not as many CTA clicks and conversions as we’d like. We felt that we were following all of the typical CTA best practices including a variety of CTAs for different stages of the journey and on various topics, smart CTAs, CTAs that stood out on the website, and so forth.

However, conversions still seemed slightly stalled, and we knew we could do more. So, we looked a bit closer at the analytics and found that the time on page was a little low – likely too low to actually be finishing the blog posts in their entirety and seeing our closing CTAs. This is pretty common in our content-rich world; people scan and then move on. >>> READ MORE

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