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Weekly Roundup: How to Coach Your Team, Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance + More

How to Coach a Sales Team


"A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them."

- M.D. Arnold


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How to Coach Your Team: Your Template for More Effective Coaching 1:1s Sales Hacker

One of the most rewarding activities as a sales leader is coaching your reps and seeing them excel.
Unfortunately, most sales managers receive little training in how to effectively coach their sales reps or guide them towards success. >>> READ MORE

The Great Resignation: 40% of U.S. Employees Voluntarily Leave Their Jobs Up Your Culture

It’s hard to miss the plethora of news articles and social media posts centered around the Great Resignation –– a term born during the pandemic describing the voluntary mass exodus from the workforce in recent months.  

This trend, also known as the Big Quit, is particularly prevalent among younger generations worldwide. A study from Adobe found that a staggering 59% of Generation Z survey respondents reported being dissatisfied with their jobs –– the majority of whom are planning to find a new job within the year. 

Quitting has become so ubiquitous that companies all over the globe are scrambling to figure out why employees are leaving and how to retain their most talented performers before announcing another departure. >>> READ MORE

Selling to an Executive? Follow These 10 Steps to Win their Respect LinkedIn

Many salespeople have tried to sell to an executive – say, a CEO, a CTO, or head of sales. Many times, this is a high-stakes conversation, which could lead to a big deal.

And, many times, it doesn’t go well.

“Most sales reps are lousy at selling to executives,” Relativity CEO Mike Gamson said in his LinkedIn Learning course, Selling to Executives. “It is painful to watch. I'm sure you've seen it before, maybe even been there yourself before. I've seen it 1,000 times.”

Why do many reps struggle? Because they get nervous, lose control of the meeting, and the executive doesn’t see them as a true partner.

But that doesn’t have to happen to you. >>> READ MORE

11 Ways to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance & Build Iron Confidence Close

When you follow up with a prospect you’ve been serenading for weeks and a deal is within reach—they suddenly go cold on you. And then there’s simply the act of making a phone call at all in today’s world of “texts only, please.” No wonder sales call reluctance is a thing—not just among noobs, but can even come and hit seasoned hyper-pro.

So how do you overcome this fear that's keeping you from picking up the phone? The real thing you need to overcome is yourself. >>> READ MORE

How to Make Your CRM Work FOR You and Your Sales Team LeadG2

In the last episode of season one, host Dani Buckley was joined by Elissa Nauful, Director of Sales at LeadG2 by The Center for Sales Strategy, where they discussed using a CRM with the sales team, and how it can serve not only as a tool that works FOR you and your team, but also as a powerful sales enablement tool. >>>READ MORE

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