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Weekly Roundup: Mastering Buyer Enablement in B2B Sales + More







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Mastering Buyer Enablement in B2B Sales — LinkedIn

When buyers win, you win. That’s the fundamental mindset behind buyer enablement and it’s one that will separate the best B2B sellers going forward. >>> READ MORE

What is Lead Flow? [VIDEO] — LeadG2

Lead flow is a very important, and often-overlooked, step when building an inbound marketing or lead generation strategy. In this one-minute video, Dani Buckley, General Manager of LeadG2, touches on what lead flow is, who is involved, what the process looks like, and more. >>> READ MORE 

What Happens When Salespeople Struggle with the Big Questions? — Sales 3.0 Conference

It’s no secret top salespeople are driven by the need to perform at high levels. They have a target number to hit, and their job is to achieve it. Working to overcome challenges keeps them excited and motivated to learn new skills, strategies, and tactics. Sales leaders also understand high achievers are celebrated when they hit their goals. Then they set off to achieve a new goal. Wash, rinse, repeat. Over and over… until they wake up one day and feel like something is missing. >>> READ MORE

20 Steps to Optimize Your Social Profiles for Selling— Mailshake

Social selling isn’t as much an option as it is a requirement for salespeople these days. According to data gathered by Super Office, “90% of top-performing sales people now use social media as part of their sales strategy, and for sales reps that do invest in social media, 64% of them hit their team quota – compared to only 49% of reps hitting their team quota that don’t use social media.” That said, before you can start using social selling techniques, you need to optimize your social profiles so that they can support your efforts (rather than hinder them). Here’s what to do to get started with the most popular networks. >>> READ MORE 


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