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Weekly Roundup: Sales Coaching, Target Markets, Sales Enablement + More







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How to Get the Most Out of Time Spent Coaching Your Sales Team  LinkedIn

Sales managers are master jugglers. In a single day, one might find herself doing everything from facilitating connections and participating in prospect meetings, to interviewing new hires and evaluating new tools, to analyzing sales strategies and helping drive deals to completion.

No wonder so many sales leaders find themselves short on time when it comes to meeting with their reps and providing personal guidance. In fact, 73% of managers spend less than 5% of their time coaching according to Altify. >>> READ MORE

The Straightforward Guide to Target Markets Hubspot

Every sales team and entrepreneur need to know their customer. Who is the ideal fit for your offering? What are their interests and priorities? Answering these questions can help you prioritize the deals you're most likely to win. But how do you find a target market and what exactly is it anyway? >>> READ MORE

Sales Enablement Confusion: How to Cut through the Noise  Selling Power Blog

Sales enablement is growing rapidly as a discipline, and so is the number of solution providers. How is a sales enablement professional supposed to make informed choices? Where does one look to find answers? Those are important questions – and, yet, there is a question that must be answered before any meaningful improvement effort can take hold: “What is sales enablement?” >>> READ MORE

How High-Performing Sales Managers Crush Their Quota  Salesforce

Is the sky falling? You bet. And it is about to land on your head unless you figure out how to stop it. Why the dire projection? Data, lots of it. All pointing to the steady decline of salespeople hitting quota. In our global study of over 1,000 sales managers, Vantage Point found 75% of sales managers had fewer than 49% of their salespeople on target. The harsh reality is that if you can’t solve the front-line sales management problem, your opportunity cost will be huge — approximately $3.5 million per manager. If that doesn’t cause you heartburn, nothing will. >>> READ MORE 


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