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Weekly Roundup: Sales Software, AI Revolution, Cheat Sheets + More

Sales Software, AI Revolution, Sales Manager Cheat Sheets


"The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example."

-John Wooden


<< If you only read one thing >>

The Software Standing Between You and a Winning Sales Team–HubSpot

Do me a favor, complete this sentence: my sales software is so _____.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm guessing that phrases like 'helpful, 'fast,' and 'easy to use' didn't immediately come to mind. Most likely, your reaction was a little less positive than that.

After all, it only takes a quick look at Google's predictive search feature to get a sense of how sales people really feel about their software. And it isn't a pretty sight. >>> READ MORE

10 Ways AI is Revolutionizing Sales–Forbes

Sales organizations are under increased pressure to reduce selling costs while stabilizing margins and closing only the most profitable deals. Marketing teams across all industries are under increased pressure to increase the quantity, quality and qualification levels of leads that deliver the highest probability of closing this year.

AI-based price and revenue management applications and platforms are proving indispensable in keeping sales, marketing, operations, services, accounting and senior management synchronized with real-time updates to achieve more. The following are the ten ways AI is revolutionizing selling today. >>>READ MORE

The Sales Manager's New Cheat Sheet – Based on 502 B2B Sales TeamsSales Hacker

COVID-19 changed everything we thought we knew about building connections between companies and customers. Face-to-face consultations went out of the window. Live product demonstrations are gone, and we haven’t seen a physical event for months.

The shift caused by COVID is so significant that it’s prompted a new historical divide. We’ve begun judging time as life Before COVID (BC) to After Domestication (AD).

So, how do companies thrive like this? Where do we go next?

As leaders in sales engagement and sales management, Revenue Grid’s team has been working hard to understand this new landscape that we’re stepping into. We analyzed the data from over 502 B2B sales teams and hosted interviews with dozens of market leaders. Now, we’re bringing you the most crucial things we learned about sales management in our new sales era. >>>READ MORE

How Random Calls with CoWorkers Make Remote Work Better – And More ProductiveZapier

There's not a lot of serendipity on remote teams. You don't run into coworkers in the hallway, will never chat casually in the break room, and can't say good morning as you walk past someone's desk. Every interaction is intentional: you, or the other person, need to reach out.

But reaching out to someone you don't know feels weird, so most people simply don't do it. That's a problem, and not only because coworkers can feel isolated from each other. It also means there's not a lot of spontaneous cross-pollination. That can limit the kinds of ideas that spread through a company, and can lead to different departments feeling like silos.

Which is why it's important to introduce some serendipity, strange as that may sound. You shouldn't build a company around chance encounters, but you also shouldn't ignore how valuable they can be. Here's how they balance things at Zapier — and how it's worked out for them. >>> READ MORE


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