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Weekly Roundup: Sales Trends COVID-19 Has Accelerated, Adaptability in a Remote Sales World + More

Sales Trends COVID-19 Has Accelerated


"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later."

-Og Mandino


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5 Sales Trends COVID-19 Has Accelerated: And Why they're Here to Stay–Sales Hacker

When COVID-19 first hit the United States in March, many sales organizations thought the adjustments they had to make would be temporary. But as the crisis continues, it’s becoming increasingly clear that many of the changes brought on by the pandemic will be permanent.

Here are five significant sales trends that are here to stay and are only being accelerated in their adoption due to the current environment. >>>READ MORE

Leadership and Adaptability in a Remote Sales World–Outreach

We’ve watched a global health crisis, economic downturn, social inequalities, and polarizing politics upend the world over the past few months. The light at the end of the tunnel feels farther away every day.

And we no longer have the luxury to wait and see what comes next. Here are some of the ways sales leaders are remaining adaptable and motivating their teams. >>>READ MORE

6 Ways Salespeople Can be More Likable to Prospects –Spiro

It’s not uncommon for people to believe that a prospect will buy from them if they simply offer the best price, or provide the most value. There are, indeed, plenty of potential customers for whom these are the most important factors. But there’s one factor – likability – that not only gives you an edge against your competition, it can actually make up for a higher price and lack of perceived value.

As the saying goes, people buy from people they like. While there are plenty of salespeople blessed with natural charisma, the rest of us are by no means a lost cause. It’s absolutely possible to make yourself more likable to your prospects, putting yourself in a better position to close deals. Here’s how. >>> READ MORE

Follow Up by Following Through: 5 Strategies for Completing the Sales Circle–Vanilla Soft

Newton’s First Law, a.k.a. the law of inertia, tells us that a body in motion tends to stay in motion. If you roll a ball, it will keep rolling unless something stops it. But the opposite is true, too: a body at rest tends to remain at rest. 

Whether or not you slept through physics class, you still know that’s especially true for us humans. Inertia (and plenty of coffee) can propel us toward our target. But interruptions, distractions and disorganization can derail us in an instant.

That’s why we have to overcome inertia and follow through until we reach our goals. And in sales, following through means following up until we seal the deal. Are you making the critical mistake of not following through with following up with prospects and existing clients? Learn sales follow up tips from one of the top sales experts. >>> READ MORE


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