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Weekly Roundup: The Sales Resources The Never Takes a Break + More

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Inbound Marketing is the Sales Resource that Never Takes a Break [VIDEO] — LeadG2

Salespeople aren’t always very productive. In fact, according to HubSpot Research, salespeople spend just one-third of their day in sales-related activities. Imagine if you had a sales resource that never went on vacation, or took a break, or got sidetracked by unproductive activity. Inbound marketing is that resource. >>> READ MORE

Combine Lead Gen Sources to Grow Your Pipeline — LinkedIn

Where do B2B leads come from? The answer, of course, is many places (and, all too often, not enough places). Strategic B2B organizations are widening their scopes when it comes to lead generation, taking steps to ensure that promising prospects get in their pipelines from a variety of different sources. >>> READ MORE 

How to Improve the Way You Coach Millennial Sales Reps — Selling Power

Millennial sales reps don’t always see the world the same way as their sales managers. Technological advancements often signify divides between generations. But there may be no sharper divide than that between the Information Age Gen-X/baby boomers and the Digital Age millennials. >>> READ MORE

14 Sales Presentation Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals Today — Hubspot

Hate the thought of doing sales presentations? You’re not alone. But the best reps have sales presentations down pat, even if it’s not their favorite activity. The best sales reps know that when done right, sales presentations are a high-earning skill. So, let’s hone that skill with 14 simple sales presentation techniques that communicate an irresistible narrative and get buyers to close. >>> READ MORE


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