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Weekly Roundup: Virtual Sales Conferences, Selling During a Pandemic + More



"Establishing trust is better than any sales technique."

-Mike Puglia


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Best Virtual Sales Conference and Events in 2020–Sales Hacker

In a good year, most of the best sales conferences are physical events where you can attend sessions, rub elbows with thought leaders, and make new connections. But this year…

With a pandemic on our hands, most sales conferences scheduled for the early part of 2020 have either been rescheduled or, if you’re lucky, made virtual. Here are the top virtual sales conferences, events, and training you need to know about. So whether you’re experiencing a travel ban or simply don’t have the time or budget to travel, you can still build your skills and make new connections.>>> READ MORE

How To Sell During The Coronavirus Pandemic–Forbes

As businesses shift to remote work during the coronavirus pandemic, the sales profession needs to adjust the way we do business but not the why we do business.

Sales is best defined as helping clients succeed. When we help our clients succeed, we succeed as well. In times like these, it’s easy to start thinking about and acting on what is important to us, our quota, our commission, our needs. Clients can sense this immediately and will back away. How can salespeople survive or even come out stronger during this disruption?>>> READ MORE


The 7 Best Email Outreach Tactics–Mailshake

No matter what your outreach goal is, whether you want to close a sales deal or get a backlink from the site, having a great outreach tactic is a must.

Why? With 306.4 billion emails people send and receive each day, it can be daunting to cut through the noise and get your email opened, read, and replied. If you send a cold email, it can be even harder.

Here are seven best email outreach tactics as well as expert quotes and examples that can inspire your next outreach campaign.>>> READ MORE

5 Outcomes to Expect When You Implement Effective Sales Coaching–HubSpot

Sales coaching is all about looking forward and developing your people. High-revenue growth companies are seeing the payoff; 54% of high-performing companies are using sales coaching more than in the past, and 60% use sales coaching as an integrated part of a sales training program.

So, how do you implement a mature coaching program? It requires a process, a consistent sales methodology, and time. Plan to invest at least two to three years in a sales coaching program to get it off the ground.>>> READ MORE

How Thought Leadership Content Supports Marketing and Sales Efforts to Improve Performance [VIDEO]–LeadG2

Your organization's content marketing strategy relies on your team's ability to develop powerful thought leadership content. If you want to transform your expertise into influence to improve your sales and marketing performance, thought leadership content can support your brand's messaging and boost your exposure by creating genuine relationships and impacting decisions.>>> READ MORE


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