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Weekly Roundup: Why Business Acumen is Key to Sales Success + More

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Why Business Acumen is Key to Sales Success (And How to Get It)  Hubspot

What sets sales leaders apart from everyday reps? Why are some salespeople more effective at closing deals? And how do some reps skyrocket their career growth? The answer is simple: Business acumen. It's a term often thrown around boardrooms and blog posts, but today, I'm breaking down exactly what it is, why it's important, and how you can develop it. >>> READ MORE

How to Sell in the Era of the Educated Buyer LinkedIn

There was a time when salespeople were keepers of the information. We controlled the process and We dictated the sales cycles. Guess what? The buyers do now. Buyers are most empowered than ever before, and we can either change… Or die.  >>> READ MORE

It's Time for Sales Managers to Focus Beyond Numbers Selling Power

Every sales manager should be focused on retaining his or her top performers and grooming those with strong potential. Too often, however, today’s sales-team leaders remain fixated on making their numbers – without realizing those numbers might be easier to attain if they spent more time coaching. >>> READ MORE 

How To Set Goals That Actually Work Forbes

Back in the day, company leadership would decree their mission and hand down their goals to all their employees. While a few companies still do that, most take another approach. And not because they all of a sudden got woke. Rather, the rapid pace of change has made most leaders uncomfortable with committing to a set of goals. So how do you figure out what’s important to them? >>> READ MORE 


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