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Weekly Roundup: Win the War for Talent, Onboarding Nontraditional Talent + More

Win the War for Talent, Onboarding Nontraditional Talent


"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

- Winston Churchill


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It’s Going To Take More Than Sign-On Bonuses To Win The War For Talent The Great Game of Business

The War for Talent is now in full swing. As the economy continues to reopen, companies have begun hiring again in earnest—driving the unemployment rate closer to pre-pandemic levels. At the same time, the number of open jobs in the U.S.—an estimated 9.2 million—is now breaking records. It’s one of those rare times in recent history where the number of job openings exceeds the number of unemployed people actually looking for a job.

While handing out one-time checks might drive some short-term results, it’s clear that firms will need to do more to keep their workers satisfied over the long run. After all, we’re also seeing what many are calling the “Great Quit,” where millions of workers who remained employed throughout the pandemic have decided to leave their existing jobs in search of better ones—even if it meant taking less money. >>> READ MORE

6 Tips for Onboarding Nontraditional Talent From an Expanded Talent Pool Eightfold

Employee onboarding is evolving alongside recruiting and hiring. As companies broaden their candidate search to include more nontraditional talent, they are having to rethink their onboarding processes to ensure all new employees, regardless of location, feel welcome.

For companies hiring from expanded talent pools, this means developing onboarding processes that create positive experiences for employees whether they are onboarding in-person or virtually. Keep these tips in mind as you reimagine onboarding at your company so that it meets the needs of all new employees. >>> READ MORE

7 Tips for Training Sales Managers From Leaders Who’ve Done It HubSpot

Exemplary sales managers don't just pop up out of nowhere. And very few — if any — reps can assume a management role and thrive, based strictly on intuition. No, it takes thorough, thoughtful training to get there, and that process is rarely self-explanatory.

Even the most effective sales leader might struggle to turn a rep who seems like "management material" into a successful manager. So to help make the process a little smoother for anyone struggling to translate a rep's management potential into legitimate management acumen, we asked some experts for their tips on how to train sales managers. >>> READ MORE

How Being a Thought Leader Can Drive Your Business Revenue LeadG2

Although thought leadership is sometimes thought of as a buzzword in the marketing world, it really is an essential part of building a trustworthy brand.

The truth is that buyers purchase from companies that they feel like they can trust. By talking directly to your buyer early in their buyers’ journey, you will begin to build that trust early on.

What does thought leadership really mean? How can you use thought leadership to drive more business revenue? And how can you create content that will help build thought leadership? We'll go deeper into each of these topics in this blog post. >>>READ MORE

How to Make Your Townhall Meetings More Engaging Up Your Culture

The Townhall Meeting, or “ask me anything” meeting, is a critical part of creating strong employee engagement.

These meetings bring all of the employees across a company together with the purpose of discussing important topics and aligning everyone to a common north star.

Don’t think of these Townhall Meetings as a platform for management to speak to the employees. Instead, consider them a highly interactive way to promote two-way conversations between managers and employees. >>>READ MORE

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