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What to Do When Your Campaign Isn't Converting

Inbound marketing campaign

Each week we gather up the Top 5 (in our opinion!) posts or articles we've read online, and share them with you. Here are this week's "best" from around the web.

1. Troubleshooting Your Traffic Campaigns: What To Do When It’s Just Not Converting {Digital Marketer}

Campaigns that don't perform have a lot to teach. And the insights you can gather from them are gold. This post gives you a step-by-step on how to troubleshoot your campaigns so you learn what to change next time around. (It focuses on paid campaigns, but is just as applicable to organic and internal CTAs.)

2. 5 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Social Media {Inc.}

There are so many ways to use social media as a business. Some deliver great ROI, others don't. This article has some good ideas on how you can use social media effectively, to reach your goals. It even addresses B2B companies specifically. 

3. Google’s ‘Quality Update': What Content Marketers Need to Know {Contently}

You probably heard about Google's “Mobilegeddon” update, released in April. But the latest update, now nicknamed, "The Phantom Update" has been much quieter. In fact, Google failed to initially acknowledge its existence. But it's no less significant. It started on May 5 when certain sites’ rankings began to drop dramatically, but two weeks passed before Google officially confirmed the update. This article explains what the update is, and how to adjust so your site doesn't drop in the rankings. 

4. Deadly Sales Management Trend: Data Overload {Salesforce}

Data is invaluable for knowing who our customers are, what they like, what we're doing that's working, and what we're doing that's not. We have to have metrics. But many sales managers have gone overboard, miring down their teams with data overload. This post explores where we went wrong with our love for data, and how to make metrics work for us, rather than being a slave to data. 

5. The Trouble with Putting Goals Ahead of Strategy {Strategy + Business}

The classic definition of strategy is "a set of actions designed to achieve an overall aim." But many companies that have implemented winning strategies didn't follow that formula. They put strategy first. This article explains why success usually happens this way: first comes the big idea, then a strategy to bring that idea to fruition, then finally, goals to make it happen.

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