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You Can Get Anything In Life You Want If…


. . . you just help enough people get what THEY want. I heard this truth many years ago from the legendary Zig Ziglar. It’s so simple and so powerful, it should be the basis for everything a sales professional does. But, simple and easy are two different things. Most sales professionals are so wrapped up in their products and services that nearly everything that comes out of their mouths sounds either like a monologue about features and benefits or a manipulative question designed to get the prospect to say they have a need which the salesperson’s product magically fills. 

But, what if you made this statement the basis for every move you made? If you really believe you can get anything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want, how would that change… 

  • The prospects you choose to approach — Would you choose more carefully to make sure you had a great potential product fit that would allow a company or individual to get what they really want from  you?
  • How you set appointments — Would you spend a few more minutes researching trends in their industry, needs they are telling you about on their website or business social media pages, or the person you are approaching? Most people list what they are trying to get accomplished in “summary” portion of their LinkedIn profile.
  • What questions you ask — Would you be probing for important needs and actually listening to answers, all without a particular agenda to paint the prospect into a corner to admit they need what you have to sell?
  • What solutions your bring — Sure, your company has stuff they would like you to sell, but are you capable and willing to design a solution that will help the individual and the company get what THEY want?
  • What you do after they say yes — Do you move on to your next conquest, or do you stick around and monitor implementation and the ROI your plan provides? Remember, renewals are more valuable than new business. 

Think about this statement as a filter. If you really believe you can get anything in life you want by helping enough other people get what they want it will change your life as a sales professional. You’ll have a long career, loyal customers, and a very good life. Simple. Not easy.

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