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Six Ways To Better Organize Your Time


Is it even possible to organize time? Let’s look at six ways we can focus our time on the things that are most important to us. 

  1. Consider Current Commitments

Take a look at what you have already committed to doing. Look at each appointment on your calendar and each item on your latest to-do list. What result do you want to see from each commitment? How does each one make you feel when you think about that use of your time? 

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6 Ways to Be a Better Listener


We all want to listen better. So why do we find it so hard to do? We are often either thinking too much about what we want to say next or talking too much. tweet-button-1.jpg

Let’s look at 6 things we need to remind ourselves to do in order to be a better listener.

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Improve Your Investment in Content Marketing with Content Strategy


Content marketing is already strategic when it's “relevant and consistent" and designed to "attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.” Content marketing has the goal of building relationships and impacting the decisions people make about you.

Content marketing is focused on your target persona. Content strategy looks more at managing the lifecycle of the actual content. Strategy helps you increase your impact and reduce your workload.

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What Kind of Sales Dog Are You?


Moving into 100% commissioned sales in my 30’s was one of those “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” moments in my life. Truth be told, it wasn’t a moment, it was a journey. I remember trying to learn all I could from the veteran salespeople on my team, but when I read the book Sales Dogs I began to understand that the answer was not to be found in trying to copy the talents of other salespeople, but to learn how to leverage my own unique mix of talents.

There are core sales talents that people need to be successful in sales. Yet even the most talented salespeople will have a unique mix of those talents, and how they play out in practice is as different as one dog to the next.

What Kind of Sales Dog Are You?

Which traits of the five sales breeds do you recognize in yourself:

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How Will You Become a Million Dollar Salesperson?


There are many roads to reach annual billing of $1 million. It’s a milestone in many industries. Most account lists are some combination of client levels, but let’s look at three possible scenarios to reach $1 million in billing:

  • 1,000 clients spending $1,000 each
  • 100 clients spending $10,000 each
  • 10 clients spending $100,000 each

The reason to stop and think about your client list this way is that it ends up determining how you spend your time each day and, ultimately, your sales career.

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10 Questions Sales Managers Should Ask About Their Sales Culture


Culture is defined as a way of life for a group of people. When in doubt about what to do, the members will fall back on what they have learned from their culture. They don’t even think about it—they just know what their culture would tell them to do.

Business organizations all have a culture, and when you walk into a business and take an instant like or dislike to being there, you are experiencing their culture. Sometimes they don’t even have to say anything—it’s an attitude you can almost feel.

Business-to-business organizations don’t often have potential customers walk into a physical location. Often a salesperson is how the client and prospect experience your organization’s culture. What is your sales culture telling them?

The word culture has roots in the concept “to cultivate.” When you build a culture, you truly are cultivating the behaviors and values of your team. You're setting the bar for what they do when you’re not looking.

Let’s look at 10 questions you can ask yourself to determine what kind of sales culture you are building:

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Is a Customer-Focused Selling Approach Still Valid?


In a recent meeting one of the sales managers asked, “Is it still really valid for salespeople to take a customer-focused selling approach anymore?” At first I was taken aback, wondering what he believed the alternative was, but I soon came to realize that he wasn’t implying that salespeople shouldn’t have the best interest of their clients in mind. What he questioned was the process where you ask for the prospect's time to learn about his or her business so you can sell the right solutions. 

Prospects are no longer willing to give salespeople time to teach them about their business. And with what is now online, they shoudn’t have to. 

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Why You Don’t Always Want More Sales


Salespeople are hired to sell. So the more sales they make, the more successful they must be. Right? The more they sell, the bigger their lists, the better they’re doing. Or maybe that’s not always right. Making a lot of sales does not guarantee success. Making a lot of good sales is what it takes to succeed in the long-term.

Veterans know that all sales are not created equal. Quality is often better than quantity. Some sales gallop freely ahead like a fine racehorse, and some leave a mess to clean up like ponies in a parade.

Let’s look at what makes a good sale: 

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