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How Talent and Fit Affect Client Experience

How Talent and Fit Affect Client Experience

Great client experience is key to increased revenue and overall growth. And there are many things that affect your client’s experience with your company. From every encounter with the receptionist and support staff to the product itself, the client is forming an opinion on what the experience is like working with your company. While all of these aspects have an impact on experience, for many, it’s often the salesperson that has the biggest influence.

The best salespeople will focus on the client's needs and delivering their desired solutions. This, along with many other reasons, is why we focus on coaching sales talent and finding the perfect fit when hiring a salesperson.

Talent is Important, Fit is Vital

2021 Talent Magazine - Square ButtonMost companies that work with The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) sell a portfolio of products and are building a solution that offers specific value. It’s in these types of B2B relationships where the Account Executive and the Account Manager are one of the biggest factors influencing the experience the client has with your company.

Research finds that having the right talents is the key factor for success in any career. But let’s look beyond what will make salespeople successful and see what contributes to a great client experience.

Talent alone is not enough; the fit must be right, because talent is only truly a strength when the fit is right. Qualifying a candidate for the right fit will determine if they’re suitable for:

  • Your organizational culture
  • Your management style
  • Your sales team
  • The accounts they will be able to develop and grow

At CSS, we spend a lot of time coaching salespeople, and as we discuss their individual accounts, it’s clear that some of their talents, skills, and experience are a natural fit, and others create challenges with clients.

Traits to Evaluate

  • Being a Problem Solver is a great talent for any salesperson to have, but it’s even more critical with new accounts or those using digital solutions. When a cookie-cutter approach is the last thing the client wants or needs, that ability to understand the “why” will go a long way toward success.
  • We all know certain salespeople have more Discipline than others. That innate ability to be organized and structured, focusing on details and accuracy is always important but definitely is required on some accounts more than others.
  • Talents like Positivity can be a must-have for certain challenging clients, and Relationship can help a salesperson go deeper into an account.
  • Some accounts have a real need for an Individualizer, who can read situations and use their expertise to satisfy very specific needs.

As a sales manager, the next time you’re interviewing a new candidate, consider the specific needs that the clients they will be working with have, and which talent, skills, and experience will contribute to a positive client experience. But don’t wait for your next hire! Also, keep fit in mind when considering assignments for current sellers. 

And if you’re a salesperson, consider fit when prospecting. Along with dollar potential and access to the decision maker and decision influencers, the fit factors will help determine your ultimate success with new accounts.

Talent is only a strength when the fit is right.

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