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2014: A Year in Review | Part Three: Sales Talent and Communications


As 2014 comes to a close, we like to take a minute and reflect on the posts that resonated the most this year. Here's a year in review of our most popular posts regarding talent and working with colleagues. 

What Kind of Salesperson Are You?

Ask yourself these five questions to determine the kind of salesperson you are.

The Remediation Myth — Why You Can’t Really Fix a Weakness

Think you can manage your employees to fix a weakness? Think again. Find out about the Remediation myth.

The 8 Talents Every Salesperson Needs to Succeed

What does every salesperson need to succeed? Spoiler alert: there isn't an age requirement.

Why Sales Talent Isn’t Enough

The fact is that talent is not enough. Whether discussing music or sales, talent is key (a total deal-breaker if you don’t have it), but it’s only the first step in a tricky staircase to climb.

Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000-hour Rule” Gets the Comeuppance It Deserves

Are you familiar with Malcom Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule? Read about why one of our writers disagrees with that idea on The Center for Sales Strategy.

The Worst Possible Talent-Related Advice

What's the worst possible talent-related advice? "You can do anything you want."

Five Common Misconceptions about Sales Talent

Think you know about sales talent? Read these five misconceptions about sales talent and see if any of them surprise you.

You Can’t Fix Any Problem Without Talent

We're not saying that talent fixes every problem. We're saying you can't fix ANY problem without talent.

Keeping Talent Under Wraps: Are You Caging Your Lions?

Lions shouldn't be caged. They should be allowed to roam free. Are you keeping your talent in a cage? Find out.

Forget the Compliment Sandwich: Try the 5-7 Happy Hour Rule Instead

Giving feedback (especially negative) is a real challenge. Here's how to do it. Find out more about the Happy Hour Rule at The Center for Sales Strategy.

When the Golden Rule Fails, Try the Platinum Rule

The golden rule states, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” -- but when that doesn't work, you need a new one: the platinum rule.

Where Salespeople and Their Managers See Eye-to-Eye—and Where They Don’t

The Biggest Challenges of Media Salespeople and Sales Managers has attracted a lot of attention about what sellers and managers agree on, and where they see the world differently.

Those were our best posts about talent, and working with others. What stood out to you?

In case you missed the previous editions:

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