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3 Things to Start Doing Right Now to Hold Yourself Accountable


Today's post is from Kelly Klein, Business Development Sales Manager of KSDK-TV NewsChannel 5. Kelly is a highly driven, performance-focused sales leader with 14+ years of experience in media sales. She has a track record for developing high performing sales teams with ingenuity and strategic business plans.


“It is not only what WE do, but also what WE do not do for which WE are accountable. — John Baptiste Moliere

The fact of the matter is, we are accountable for what we do or don't do. But we don't always consider that fact. We're all busy, and life happens. Our goals don't always get accomplished. But if we really want to be successful, we need to stay focused on realizing that we're accountable — and hold ourselves accountable to make sure we reach our ambitions. tweet-button-1.jpg Here are three ways to do that.

1. Set appointments with yourself and don’t break them.

I used to do this as a salesperson for prospecting. I had three hours set aside every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9 – 12 to call on new business. They were some of the hardest appointments to keep, but I made myself do it. It was a promise to myself that greatly paid off. Especially when my largest account significantly cut their advertising budget with me. I had no way to make it up except for new business.

As a manager, I look at recruiting the same way that I looked at prospecting for new business. I set appointments with myself to look for talent. Again, such a hard appointment to keep but I made a promise.

2. Stop blaming others.

Whose responsibility is it hold us accountable? Our bosses? Our co-workers? Other departments? It has to start with ourselves. tweet-button-1.jpg

We get frustrated when others aren’t held accountable for their responsibilities, however when we fall short on something we were supposed to do, we can be quick to throw the blame on outlying circumstances (and people) as to why we weren’t able to get it done. We always have a very good reason as to why we fell short. I am not saying there aren’t valid reasons as to why things get in our way or slow us down, I am saying that we need to be accountable, regardless of circumstances, as to what the outcome is.

3. Be brutally honest with yourself.

You are not doing yourself any favors sugar-coating and making excuses as to why something didn’t happen. Always look to yourself first in the post-mortem analysis and think about what you could have done differently and better. Now you know for next time.

Often, we slip into auto-pilot ways of thinking and just don't take charge of our own success. But following these three steps will help you accomplish your goals and reach the levels you want to.

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