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A Quick Guide to Acquiring Top Sales Talent to Build an Effective Organization

A Quick Guide to Acquiring Top Sales Talent to Build an Effective Organization

NBA Coach Phil Jackson once said, “The strength of the team is each individual member.” His thought holds true within your sales teams.

Each person on your team needs to have the right combination of talent and fit to be successful. But in this competitive job market, how can you attract top talent to your organization?

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5 Secrets to Selection

5 Secrets to Selection

Candidates are in and out of the job market quickly, particularly those with superstar talent. If you’ve adopted a “we’re always hiring” mentality to help you build and fill your talent bank, you’re likely conducting interviews more frequently.

According to LinkedIn, 83% of talent say a negative interview experience can change their mind about a role or company they once liked.

Selection is a two-way street. You’re interviewing the candidate, and at the same time, the candidate is interviewing your company. It’s important to maximize your opportunity to interview candidates while giving them a solid understanding of the job role and your company culture.

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Talent Acquisition: How Do I Hire Better Talent?

How Do I Hire Better Talent

We are always asking our salespeople to prospect and keep their eyes open for new potential clients. As sales managers, we need to treat recruitment the same way.

Recruitment will continue to be a buyer’s market in 2022. According to The Undercover Recruiter, the best candidates are in and out of the job market within 10 days. It’s tempting, and easy, to fall victim to lowering your hiring standards to fill positions.

The most effective way to ensure you’re able to hire better talent is to build and maintain a strong talent bank.

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