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4 Reasons for Restructuring Your Sales Team

Reasons for Restructuring Your Sales Team

A new sales structure can help improve productivity. 

Sometimes it becomes necessary to go back to the drawing board. Remind yourself what your original goals were for your team.

  • What objectives did you have that still have not been accomplished or that are no longer being accomplished the way they used to be?
  • How can you fix problems and begin reaping the rewards you once had?

Some sales restructuring suggestions that have worked for many companies include:

1. Revise and Improve Your Team

An old team that worked wonders with the product or service you supplied 10 years ago might not have that same punch today.

Maybe some of the team members are burnt out.

Maybe the interests of some have shifted to other areas within the company or outside the company altogether.

Take a look at who is truly invested in the team and what their shared goals are when it comes to making a difference on the team. With an eye on keeping your best producers, what spots need to be filled, and ask yourself if you have any present employees that could fill those spots. 

2. Employ New Sales Strategies

Changing the way your business reaches out to potential customers can put a new face on your sales potential. Face-to-face contact is still an important way to promote customer relations for many businesses, but changes in B2B interaction are placing more importance on sales strategies that are done remotely. 

Email, social media, and creating and sharing premium content are growing ways to approach customers and build a customer base.

3. Match Employees With the Best Suited Jobs

One of the most important steps in the sales structure/sales restructure process is making sure each employee is doing the job for which they are best suited.

A quiet graphic designer might fit best in marketing while an outgoing employee would enjoy and excel in meeting customers out in the field. Cross-training can benefit all, but the best outcomes happen when goals, training, and a mutual vision come together to put the right employees in the right roles.

4. Downsize

Downsizing across all types of industries has been happening all too often in recent years, but that doesn't mean your company will fail.

What begins as having to cut back on employees can end up with a better focus on the work for which your company is known. You have the opportunity to give employees more of what they excel at and less of what slows them down. Reexamine who does what and look at how to get more from less while increasing (not decreasing) employee engagement and satisfaction. 

4 Things to Consider When it Comes to Sales Structure

Restructuring is easier said than done, but if you’re going to manage a successful team, the need for change eventually hits home. When thinking about restructuring, these are four important things to know about the modern-day sales structure:

1. Identifying Needs

2. Alignment

3. Management Structure

4. Time

Sales structure is one component of our Impact Process Pyramid that is designed to help you determine if you have a sales structure problem, and if so, what process can you use to help determine a new structure.

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