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4 Ways Sales Enablement Tools Boost Business

4 Ways Sales Enablement Tools Boost BusinessSales enablement is a broad and powerful term that covers a lot of sales functions under one large umbrella. We define sales enablement as the strategy, content, technology, and training that empowers sales teams to sell smarter and faster. 

Sales enablement tools put the right resources and content in the salesperson's hands right when they need it. Businesses that are properly utilizing sales enablement tools quickly:

  • Improve sales productivity
  • Drive revenue
  • Increase customer alignment

Providing sales teams with the proper tools, knowledge, and processes to maximize every sales opportunity is invaluable. Effective sales enablement tools can significantly benefit your company – here’s how.

Why Your Company Needs to Implement Sales Enablement

New call-to-actionOne of the many goals of using sales enablement tools is to set up a scalable and repeatable process to drive sales revenue. But, that’s only one portion of the benefits.

1. Accelerate the Sales Process

Do you find that your sellers start the sales process and don’t close the deal for months? Maybe even years? By providing resources at a seller’s fingertips, you are helping to remove any barriers. Sales enablement tools accelerates the process and gets your sellers selling deals quickly.

By providing your sales people with the right information about customer behavior, motivations, your sales people will:

  • Know how to communicate with leads
  • Know how best to reach out to them
  • Know when to reach out
  • Understand what type of information they need to share
  • Can customize their messages to appeal to the buyer’s unique needs and interests, ultimately increasing the likelihood of closing a deal

2. Add Consistency to the Sales Process 

There are four components for success with sales enablement, and it all starts with strategy.

With specific sales enablement tools at every step of the sales process, there is consistency in the sales process and very little thinking involved.

Providing your sellers with clear-cut instructions that guide them through every step of the process allows them to build expertise and success.

3. Add Consistency to the Sales Story

Are you sure all your sellers are explaining your products and services the exact same way? Are they over-promising and under-delivering? By providing sales enablement tools that they can send to their prospects, you’re eliminating the potential for inconsistency in explanations.

Your sales operation may cover multiple locations, cities, or even countries, but every sales person needs to work from the same playbook.

  • Sales enablement ensures that each representative has all the most up to date information on your product, your sales system, and on the needs of your target market.
  • It enables them to make more sales by providing them with the right information to track buyer behavior, identify crucial prospects, and deliver content at the right time.

4. Allow Sellers to Spend More Time Selling 

Increased revenue is the leading benefit of sales enablement, and the main reason sales organizations of all sizes are adopting the practice. By reducing the length of the sales cycle and increasing sales efficiency, sellers have more time to do what they do best – sell! Ultimately, driving increased revenue for the company and supporting the big-picture goals.

What is a Sales Playbook?

Are you ready to see results instantly?

Using a sales playbook in conjunction with sales enablement tools will help align your salespeople's activities with the buyer’s journey, and will provide instant results.

To guide your team through the diverse sales scenarios they encounter day in and day out, a Sales Playbook is a key piece to winning sales enablement. Not only does it guide, it streamlines the entire sales process to ensure the team is following best practices.

Your sales team works hard to attract, nurture, and convert leads into customers. Don’t let your sales people efforts go to waste. Teach them how to become sales enablers by implementing sales enablement tools and a sales playbook to ensure that the efforts put in by the entire company are successful.

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