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5 Productive Lead Sources for Fast Revenue

5 Productive Lead Sources for Fast Revenue

As a sales manager, you know the frustration of watching your pipeline slow down to a trickle.

When you need a boost of new opportunities to drive revenue quickly, it's time to look beyond your typical marketing channels.

Here are five lead sources offering a "short route to revenue" to help fill your funnel quickly.

1. Rekindle Old Leads

Don't overlook those prospects who went cold previously. Sometimes, the timing just wasn't right then, but circumstances may have changed.

Circle back to those old leads from last quarter or even last year—they already know your brand, so you can skip past initial awareness building.

2. Client Referrals

Your current customers can be a goldmine for warm referrals. Since they already value your work, a referral from them shortcuts the process of establishing trust and credibility with prospects.

Make it a habit to ask clients for referrals to others who could benefit from your solutions.

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3. LinkedIn Networking

If you've built an engaged following by sharing expertise on LinkedIn, you have a ready audience of professionals who understand your value proposition.

Those closer connections in your LinkedIn network can turn into highly qualified leads.

4. Face-to-Face Networking

It's easy to get stuck behind emails and Zoom calls. But sometimes, you must get out from behind the screen to truly connect.

Attending in-person networking events allows you to accelerate relationship-building that may otherwise take weeks. A single face-to-face meeting can be a fast path to a closed deal.

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5. Competitors to Your Clients

Look for prospects facing challenges similar to your current clients—chances are, your competitors' customers are a prime market.

Research those competitors' clients, identify promising targets, and execute a focused outreach strategy to quickly get on their radars.

Refuel Your Sales Pipeline 

When you need deals fast, don't wait around for a new marketing campaign.

Leveraging these high-velocity lead sources can rapidly refuel your sales pipeline with opportunities primed to convert to revenue. Where will you find your shortest route to revenue?

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