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5 Ways To Use Video As Part of Your Sales Process

using  video during sales processAs sales consultants, trainers, and coaches, we absolutely love it when the sales teams we work with shares successes they’ve had as a direct correlation to the advice, tips, and tactics we share. 

Our company culture encourages innovation and creativity, which allows us to discover new trends, and figure out what works and doesn't work so that we can share advice with our clients. Video is a tool and tactic that we've explored and had the opportunity to get creative with. 

If you're wondering how you can use video as part of your sales process, keep reading! 

Adding human context has been a proven tactic for quite some time. Science tells us, the more we “see” someone, the greater the chance we “like” them before we even meet for the first time. It’s one of the reasons Real Estate agents have included their headshots on business cards, “For Sale,” collateral and electronic signatures for years! 

If you’re not sure where to start using video, here are 5 ways you can make video work for you.

The Complete Guide to Using Video in the Sales Process

5 Ways to Use Video in the Sales Process

1. Video to engage and connect with prospects.

One of the newest and proven tactics to help engage prospects and customers in your sales process is using video to stand out and add human context to what would likely have been emailed otherwise.

2. Video to set an agenda for your meeting.

Another place to insert a video of yourself is when sending an agenda for your meeting. Sending a written agenda ahead of time is a best practice, and adding video to how you communicate your agenda can help you have a more productive meeting. Someone is more likely to retain the information you share in your agenda with video included.

3. Video to recap a meeting.

Using video to recap a meeting has a dual purpose, too. In addition to increased engagement and another opportunity for a prospect or customer to “see” you, you can use the recap to confirm your understanding of what you learned and the next steps.

4. Video to share a success story.

Storytelling is a powerful persuasion technique and what better way to share a story than with video! Video captures inflection and emotion better than email or a phone call. When you haven’t been able to engage a prospect, and you want to use a case study or success story as part of your attempt to connect, try video!

5. Video to thank and recognize your best customers.

Using video to thank and recognize someone goes along the lines of using video to share a storythe emotion a video can capture plays well here, too.

If you’ve never used video in your sales process, start with just one of these five ways until you get more comfortable with the process and result of using video. Let go of your ego; don’t get too caught up in being polished and be yourself.

Remember, it's all about adding human context to be human!

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*Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in 2020 and has since been updated. 

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