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6 Winning Sales Steps

6 Winning Sales Steps

I'm a planner. Whether it's a project, a vacation, or my daily routine, I LOVE putting together plans that will help me execute the operation perfectly.

As a family, we love going to Disney World. We visit the most magical place on Earth about once a year, and every time, I spend hours researching where we will stay, what parks to visit on which day, and which fabulous restaurants to dine at. I create spreadsheets, calendars, and even touring plans for our day at each park.

I'm also a process enthusiast. I know the value of having a well-thought-out plan and process in place; a solid plan helps ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. This is especially true when it comes to sales.

6 Steps to Becoming a Rockstar Salesperson

Sadly, many salespeople and sales organizations lack a clear and effective sales process. In the past, the idea of the "lone wolf" salesperson — someone who did things their way without a plan, process, or support — was prevalent. However, this approach is not only outdated, but it's also ineffective.

Today's top salespeople are well-trained and prepared, following a logical and structured sales process to ensure success. We recommend following these six steps to becoming a rockstar salesperson:

1. Identify: Take the time to identify the best possible prospects. This will improve your success rate and save you time and energy in the long run.

Overlooked Points in the IDENTIFY Step

2. Connect: This step is crucial — if you can't get an appointment, there's no chance to move forward in the sales process. Offer value to your prospects and show them how meeting with you will help them solve their problems or achieve their goals.

Overlooked Points in the CONNECT Step

3. Discover: Uncover the needs and goals of your prospect to determine how your solution can help them. If you don't get an assignment, you'll be taking a gamble on whether or not you'll make the sale.

Overlooked Points in the DISCOVER Step

4. Advise: Find the right solution to solve your prospect's problems. Skipping this step can jeopardize the sale.

Overlooked Points in the ADVISE Step

5. Close: If you don't close the deal, you may have missed or skipped a step in the process.

Overlooked Points in the CLOSE Step

6. Grow: Make sure to deliver on your promises and look for ways to grow your new account.

Overlooked Points in the GROW Step

By following these six steps in the Sales Accelerator process, you'll be well on your way to generating more new business and achieving success in your sales career.

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