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Be a Coach on the Sales Voice!


In an earlier post, we talked about being a judge on the Sales Voice and how to listen for great talent. Now let’s talk about coaching on the Sales Voice. 

So you decided to push your button and turned your chair. Now what?!

The coaches on The Voice aren’t finished when they push their button and the contestant chooses their team. What is their goal? TO WIN! In order to win, they must coach their team to success and pick the best player to represent them for the victory in the final rounds.

Are you providing the coaching your team needs to be successful for your final round? What coaching tools are working for you? Are there areas where you wish you had a better strategy? Coaching talented salespeople can be rewarding if you have the proper tools on hand.

Have you sent your sales candidate or team thru a validated talent assessment that shows where they are truly talented and how they are innately wired? Having this type of tool would give you the upper hand.

Like the knock out round on The Voice, using a standardized talent assessment tool could help you uncover the true talents that an individual possesses and allow you to provide individualized coaching to those talents and launch them to great success—and the win. 

Remember, the goal isn’t to just push your button and choose the right players, it is to coach them to victory. When they win, you win too.

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