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A Bizarre but Effective Way to Take Your Business to the Next Level

sales-contests-dont-work-target-drives-workWhat have you been reading lately? There's so much content published every week that a person can never read it all themselves. That's why we're here, bringing you the weekly wrap up.

Here are the five articles that piqued our interest:

1. A really strange way to level up {Inc}

This CEO pretends to be interviewed on the big stage, in the future, when he's struggling with taking his business to the next level.

2. As social media evolves, so too does their function {AlleyWatch}

We now get our news from Facebook, and Twitter, oddly, is often used when recruiting.

3. Nine podcasts for a fuller life {Brain Pickings}

Design Matters, The Tim Ferris Show, Invisibilia, The One You Feed, and more.

4. The other "f" word {strategy+business}

John Danner wrote a book about the other "f" word -- failure. We emphasize entrepreneurial risk taking but we don't talk about failure.

5. An overlooked method for increasing conversions {KISSMetrics}

Segment your traffic and focus on the sources that convert.

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