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Improve Sales Performance by Changing the Conversation


If you really want to develop new business with prospects—or even existing clients—try changing your conversation from WHY they should be buying your product to HOW they should use your products and all your other resources to meet their specific needs. (Of course, you have to know what those are, so plan and execute an engaging conversation to discover those needs.) Prospects don’t really want to talk about your product anyway—it’s boring to them.

Talk About Ideas to Solve the Client's Challenges

They are interested, however, in looking at proposals that contain a specific solution that meets a pressing need in their business right now. You may have experienced this in the past—that moment of truth when the conversation segued from pricing and delivery to key business challenges they are dealing with at the moment. That’s when ideas begin to bubble up. 

HOW Comes Before WHY

Once the question of HOW to use your product and your resources to solve a problem has been answered, the question of WHY they should work with you is obvious—because the product comes with a tailored solution and people who know how to execute it.

Try making that segue in the next conversation you have with the prospect, and see how many doors open up for you. 

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