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SALES PERFORMANCE: Why Sales Training Fails

3 T StoolThese days, you can find a quick fix for almost anything. There’s the 21-day fad diet, the 3-step skin care plan, and the 24-hour credit card repair. We’re impatient by nature, and we want the kind of solution that turns everything around now. While some of these quick fixes may work in the short-run, most are not sustainable and they leave you needing more.

The best solutions combine a jumpstart plan to deliver immediate results with a long-term plan to assure sustainability.

And, the long-term plan must include three fundamentals:
Sales Performance = Talent + Training + Tactics
Think of sales performance as a three-legged stool. When all of the legs are strong, there is nothing sturdier, but if one leg weakens, the stool falls.  

Our clients have discovered the permanent competitive advantage that results from...

• Selecting the right talent 

• Training them in a selling strategy that makes sense (to both the sellers and their clients) 

• Leveraging that talent and training with business development tactics that support and enhance the strategy and drive revenue

Talent, Training, and Tactics must all be strong. You can learn more about this proven performance formula in our free white paper:



Matt Sunshine is Executive Vice President at The Center for Sales Strategy

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