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Selling Digital Advertising: The Magic of the Digital Needs Analysis


Over the past couple of weeks, I have had several account managers ask me questions surrounding a digital client needs analysis. Everyone wanted to know those three or four questions that would magically give them everything they needed to put together a fool-proof digital solution. The truth is: there are no magical questions.  

There is nothing special about a digital client needs analysis. When selling digital advertising, you need to learn about your prospect's business, their competition, and their primary business challenges.

The key is to not stay on the surface, but to dig deep. Go beyond age and gender. Learn who their heavy user is, where they live, what they do, why they are a customer, and why they prefer your advertiser’s business vs. the competition. Know how they rank against their competition and where they win. Learn about their strategies to reach their target consumer both offline and online.

These are the types of questions you should be asking prospects regardless of medium because it is this type of information that will allow you to truly develop an idea for your clients. It’s the idea that will make you successful. Once you and your client agree on the idea, you can then look in your tool belt to see which tools are best to use.

While there are no magical questions that will give you all the answers, the real secret to selling digital advertising is a good needs analysis.

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