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Do You Treat Your Prospects Like a Five Year Old?

new business developmentYou should.  Because five year-olds have an answer for everything:


Parent:   “Don’t run with scissors.”  Child:  “Why?”

Parent:  “Because you’ll fall and cut yourself.”  Child:  “Why?”


Parent:  “Don’t chew with your mouth open.”  Child:  “Why?”

Parent:  “Because it is impolite.”  Child:  “Why?”

With a new prospect, you’re likely to hear the same fundamental response when you ask for an appointment:  “Why?”  “Why?”  “Why?”

So, you should have plenty of reasons when you call to ask for that appointment.

Why:  “Because our organization is not interested in just making sales… we prefer to make customers. Please review this (site, brochure) about how we do business around here with renewals in mind.”

Why:  “Because the capabilities of our company, combined with my experience and problem-solving capability, can be a powerful resource to your business. I hope you’ll consider my credentials (found in this LinkedIn profile, personal business resume, etc.)”

Why:  “Because I have uncovered some research that might suggest a significant opportunity for your company if we approach it just right.”

Why:  “Because I have an idea for you that needs to be shared in person.”

Expect that each time you ask for an appointment, the prospect will ask “Why” at least five or six times. Are you ready with five or six sturdy reasons they would benefit from some face time with you?

Then getting an appointment should be child’s play.

That’s why.

Mike Anderson is VP Consumer Insights and Communication at The Center for Sales Strategy.

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